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The Genesis

[The scene opens to Routhinator's base camp in the Rocky Mountains of B.C. Where we see that an addition has been completed on the west wing of the house. Solar panels can be seen on the roof and the camera pans in through a window of the room. Inside we see Julie alternating isolinear chips in a computer panel she has built over the last few weeks. Monitors fill the room, and they display information of all kinds in the standard federation screen formatting.]

Julie completes her modifications for the sensors before closing the computer bay she had slid open to access them. She returns to her chair in front of the largest display in the room. At the press of a button, a female voice is emitted from the computer saying, "Bringing sensor modifications online. Verifying algorithms.... Algorithms stable. Initilizing Sensor Array, please standby..."

As the computer finishes it's speech Cernaek can be seen walking in the door on the east wall of the room. As he enters he says "Status Lieutenant?" Cernaek is not wearing his standard attire. He's dressed in his new GOW gear. Camouflage pants, a black wife beater, a gold Armani watch and a pair of black army hiking boots now make up his outfit. He's dressed for the pre-King of Kings house show he has soon.

As Julie is about to answer his question, the computer chirps up, "Initilization complete. Sensor array is online and fully operational. Verifying new power source.... Solar compression panels providing full power. Switching from low powered operation to high powered scanning mode. Long Range Sensors Online." Julie looks at Cernaek as the computer finishes. With a smile that clearly shows how satisfied she is with herself, she says "Well as you heard from the computer, I've done it. I've moved us off the Earth power grid and onto the enhanced solar collectors I replicated. Now I'll be able to scan into more shielded buildings and track biosigns instantly anywhere on Earth. I'm going to recheck Archers complex for signs of the dish while you're at the promo. I'm also going to follow up on that explosion I detected earlier."

Commander Routh seems pleased by that, and simply inquires "Have you fed Archers bio signs into the computer yet?"

Lieutenant Brown winks as she replies, "Already done. Next time I come up with the plan to get close enough to someone for their bio signature ok?"

Cernaek chuckles to himself at that. "What? I thought it was a perfect plan. You dress up in tight pants and a low cut top and get Archer to sign your cleavage at a house show, and scan him with a tricorder while he's trying to remember how to spell his name... hahaha.. worked great."

Julie simply rubs her temples as she says, "Aren't you going to be late for a show Commander?"

Cernaek raises a brow as he says, "You're right... I'll beam myself there. Good luck with your scans." He then turns and leaves the room.

[The scene fades to black as Julies monitor shows her zoom in on Archers compound and highlight several energy signatures detected on the property. After the screen goes completely black, it begins to fade in the picture of a small GOW ring, at the Pacific Coliseum for a house show in Vancouver, Canada. The house show is to get fans pumped about the King of Kings II event coming up, and hype up Routhinator's match in an area that's already very familiar with him from the smaller leagues he fought in over the last year.]

As the lights dim over the stadium, the opening picks of Jimi's famous guitar can be heard over the speakers as Voodoo Child gets the crowd roaring. A popular wrestler amongst western Canadians now, the crowd is more than happy to welcome the opening music of the Routhinator. As fireworks blast from the stage Routhinator appears, making his way down the ramp. On his way he crouches down, putting his right arm between his legs and swinging it out in front of him, and around to the crowd on the right side of the ramp, with his hand formed in the Vulcan salute now known as the victory salute. As he does this, the crowd starts to chant "Victory, victory, victory!" He then alternates to the left hand and the left side of the crowd, repeating the gesture. He then continues down the ramp.

Upon reaching the ring, he climbs through the ropes. He reaches the middle of the arena and bounces on the balls of his feet and then pounces to one side of the ring, casting the same victory salute to the crowd at that side of the arena and getting them chanting again, and repeating it for each side of the ring. He then grabs a mic, and turns slowly around, glaring and nodding as he hears the crowd chant for him. He waits for them to quiet down before laying into his speech.

"HERE I AM! Returned to GOW at long last!" he almost yells into the mic as the crowd screams. If there's one thing he's improved at over the last year it's getting the crowd going, and keeping it that way.

"The Routhinator is going to keep doing what he's been doing now that he's in GOW! The Routhinator will bring balance and order to GOW! I will not tolerate cheats! I will not hesitate to punish those who try to sow chaos and disorder amongst the ranks!"

The crowd continues to cheer and whistle as Cernaek speaks intensely into the microphone. "And what a perfect way to start..... Damien." He growls the name. He continues saying "This fag-boy actually thinks he's the son of Satan?! Even if half the bullshit that spews from this guys mouth on a day to day basis was true, he'd still be nothing more than an overgrown child wearing a Halloween costume. He probably jerks off in front of a mirror to the sight of his own reflection and then falls asleep sucking his thumb and hugging a Hanson CD!"

Laughter and cheering can be heard from the crowd as they continue to go wild. "It was certainly nice of Mr. Hitsman to give me an easy win for my first match, if you'll be able to call it that. I'm going to slaughter this devil-spawn... and it will be all so easy. And I will succeed, oh yes.. just as I always succeed. This match will be just another..."

Cernaek's words are cut off as fans of the 'Routhinator' begin the chant once more "Victory! Victory! Victory!" and he runs round the ring, 360, as fireworks follow his hand around, spraying sparks into the air around the ring. He holds his hand up in the V once more, and rolls once he's gone around once. He rolls right under the ropes and onto his feet outside the ring. He bounces from one foot to the next, backwards up the ramp, while holding his hands up in the victory salute and waving them back and forth. Voodoo child blares over the speakers once more and he disappears behind the curtain.

[Another wrestling match in the house show begins, and the crowd now begins to go wild again. The scene fades once again, this time to black.]


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When does this guy fight EA and Iron Rhino?
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GOW? isn't that an Elijah Archer thing? but nice 1. had a good laugh
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Nice one!