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Category: Life Unscripted
It doesn\'t take an analyst to demonstrate the rapid rate at which technology has been evolving over the past decade. From laptops to net-books, to cellphones and tablets technology has been doing what it has always been: finding ways to become relevant and useful in everyday life. And as always, this technology remains only as good as the people who use it. It is reflective of our own culture ...
Category: Book Reviews
The second book in the Steig Larsson trilogy...
Category: Movie Reviews
You will either really enjoy this movie, or really hate it....
Category: Book Reviews
Sequal to Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. *Minor spoilers, but it will not effect your reading pleasure*...
Category: Book Reviews
Book one of the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Roirdan....

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Member AvatarType: Romance Story
It's not about what's on the outside but what's inside that matters...
Member AvatarType: Romance Story
Jessica fears if her friend falls in love she is going to be alone. Her friend finds love, read and find out what Jessica does.
Member AvatarType: Horror story
(Best to read in a very quiet place, with lights off.)
Member AvatarType: Essay
Fundamental question to our freedom I
Member AvatarType: Poem
New edition on 25.8.2015
Member AvatarType: Poem
Recently: freshly started writing on a Blog...will now post the relevent poem.
Member AvatarType: Critical Review
just did this, 5 min ago, a 15 min draft - just putting it here. inspiration yes
Member AvatarType: Story
It's a hint of a writing style you may find unique and intellectually fun
Member AvatarType: Story
Opening paragraph looking for opinion.
Member AvatarType: Poem
a thought on how time naturally exists, but has also been created.. Imagine a world with no clocks or expressions of time
Member AvatarType: Story
Rob Gets All Worked Up Over Maid Marian And Does Something Stupid.


Member AvatarType: Autobiography
A simple test to see if i have any writing potential. I am not a writer i cannot stress that enough.
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
Break Through is about two teenages that can change the world and how it works by changeing the dark side of the world
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
A life without authority? What if.
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
A short prologue to an upcoming story I eventually plan on writing. Which it is terrible because I wrote it when I was like, 10. Yup.
Member AvatarType: Poem
I wrote this for one of my characters
Member AvatarType: Poem
An exposure, and a supposed victory


Member AvatarType: Essay
Thomas went where he wasn't supports. Got beat up by a women protecting her family but they saw it time to let her go.
Member AvatarType: Poem
Sometimes I wish I was dead...
Member AvatarType: Story
A Nightmare
Member AvatarType: Essay
Little Rosy goes to the park with her brother and gets lost, but with help of the park animals she's found.
Member AvatarType: Horror story name is Serenity..and well I get bullied..badly..I cut one tried to help me except for one girl she..was nice to me..but that all changed..
Member AvatarType: Story
The things you are actually looking for may sometimes already be in-front you.
Member AvatarType: Poem
There can be no happiness without sadness.
Member AvatarType: Story
A Soviet war-time story.

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03-09-2015 21:51
@Routh thank you for creating this platform for amateur writers like myself, I may not like most feedback I get but that's what makes us great. So thank you again to you and everyone else.

31-08-2015 16:19
@Mellisa as stated this only happened on two days. No other losses occured and even then it was only 24 hours worth.

30-08-2015 16:23
@Routh. May I ask when is it over because you said that the week before that but I lost my work.

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@Mellisa there was a hiccup with backups a week ago that made the disk for this server dissapear. We had to restore from backup twice, losing a days posts each time.

30-08-2015 13:34
AMEN DARKFIRE. But what happens when your work just dispears. Does The Den have a greedy ghost. Sad