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Category: Life Unscripted
It doesn\'t take an analyst to demonstrate the rapid rate at which technology has been evolving over the past decade. From laptops to net-books, to cellphones and tablets technology has been doing what it has always been: finding ways to become relevant and useful in everyday life. And as always, this technology remains only as good as the people who use it. It is reflective of our own culture ...
Category: Book Reviews
The second book in the Steig Larsson trilogy...
Category: Movie Reviews
You will either really enjoy this movie, or really hate it....
Category: Book Reviews
Sequal to Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. *Minor spoilers, but it will not effect your reading pleasure*...
Category: Book Reviews
Book one of the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Roirdan....

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Member AvatarType: Poem
It hurts to say goodbye when someone dies.
Member AvatarType: Poem
Just creatively venting.
Member AvatarType: Poem
How I would see love, if I believed it was real
Member AvatarType: Poem
Some times not even a friend can be trusted.


Member AvatarType: Poem
Feelings from a broken soul. May be considered 18+
Member AvatarType: Fan Fiction
Away to what is right, to help, this young teen with who he is, and who his ancestors are, and away to help his people.
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
The third novel in the series.
Member AvatarType: Fan Fiction
Flash from the past, to Christopher Columbus time. This is about the indigenous people that live in the forests. Many hatred towards each other, lies, from the White Americans
Member AvatarType: Prose
Two Native American warriors are courting one squaw, by playing there flutes, only one will win her heart.
Member AvatarType: Story
Demon is a young she wolf in her prime. She has been alone as long as she can remember. What happen to her family? A chance run in with a large white wolf has changed everything. Friends come and go but pack is forever...isn't it? Now Demon is a temp alpha of a pack of strays. what could possibly go wrong... or right for that matter. Come along and follow the life of Demon and her pack in Unaware Alpha. This is not a normal wolf story and is different in many ways. I hope you enjoy it as much as i have writing it.
Member AvatarType: Fan Fiction
To White Americans not letting go of what happened in war with the Indians, and not moving forward and choosing to live behind them.
Member AvatarType: Fan Fiction
White Americans and Native Americans are finally living as one.
Member AvatarType: Fan Fiction
A family tradition of boxing
Member AvatarType: Story
They mastered the art of screwing people over to live like rock stars


Member AvatarType: Poem
should I drift along with the masses or head out on my own raft with only an oar.
Member AvatarType: Poem
kids rhymne
Member AvatarType: Horror story
A family has to deal with there daughters death, but that will not be easy.
Member AvatarType: Story
After her shift at work Autumn is met with a set of unusual events outside her home
Member AvatarType: Story


Member AvatarType: Poem
trying to be more positive.
Member AvatarType: Critical Review
It's a poem that speaks about one's expression to a friend.
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Sarah meets the first Lost Boy
Member AvatarType: Poem
"..and we call ourselves the human race." - JFK
Member AvatarType: Children's Story
Part one in the Three Fates Saga
Member AvatarType: Story
A story

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