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It doesn\'t take an analyst to demonstrate the rapid rate at which technology has been evolving over the past decade. From laptops to net-books, to cellphones and tablets technology has been doing what it has always been: finding ways to become relevant and useful in everyday life. And as always, this technology remains only as good as the people who use it. It is reflective of our own culture ...
Category: Book Reviews
The second book in the Steig Larsson trilogy...
Category: Movie Reviews
You will either really enjoy this movie, or really hate it....
Category: Book Reviews
Sequal to Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. *Minor spoilers, but it will not effect your reading pleasure*...
Category: Book Reviews
Book one of the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Roirdan....

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The idea of meeting the right person at the wrong time is brought to life in this story for me. (Pardon the grammatical errors, I tend to type as it comes to me without and do a spellcheck after).
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 4 of ancestor
Member AvatarType: Story
The softer side of what most would deem a sad story...
Member AvatarType: Poem
a thought in how society hides you


Member AvatarType: Poem
Hastily written...
Member AvatarType: Autobiography
One way of learning to drive a stick-shift


Member AvatarType: Story
Member AvatarType: Story
The continuing tale of the village on Flatpack on the Water
Member AvatarType: Story
A girl dominated by her father finds herself. This is only the beginning of the story.
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 3 of Ancestor
Member AvatarType: Story
A Nutcase
Member AvatarType: Story
A reposting. The original was lost when the server crashed.
Member AvatarType: Story
Just an idea so far
Member AvatarType: Sonnet
In memorium: Francis


Member AvatarType: Story
What do we make of the strangers who knock on our doors past midnight?
Member AvatarType: Sonnet
The first sonnet in a cycle about the crimes of the Japanese Cannibal Issei Sagawa.
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Sarah goes to Neverland
Member AvatarType: Joke
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 2 Of Ancestor
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 1 Of Ancestor
Member AvatarType: Autobiography
On being deaf.
Member AvatarType: Story
An unhinged man tries to reconnect with his birth mother who abandoned him when she was 16
Member AvatarType: Poem
As we age...sometimes our Body and Mind are on a different time zone...
Member AvatarType: Story
Weeds are Survivors...which is why I choose to live as one...
Member AvatarType: Essay
An essay I had to write for my cognition class and thought I might post itEver since it has been determined that the brain is our central control structure, scientists have set out to discovered its secrets. Eventually, an intriguing phenomenon emerged: the brain itself is receiving commands from what we’ve decided to name “the consciousness”. As of now, gaining a concrete idea of what the basis of our consciousness may be seems practically impossible. This dilemma hints at an inquiry echoing from as far back as the 18th century when Immanuel Kant wondered whether the object doing the sensing could sense itself. Is our consciousness equipped with the tools to examine itself? It is relatively easy for scientists to study the workings of a single neuron. With the help of electrodes, scientists could examine the response patterns of a visual neuron by presenting different types of visual stimuli to the area of the field of view monitored by that brain cell. Certain visual neurons have “preferences” for different types of stimuli (Hubel & Wiesel, 1959). For example, one neuron could respond strongly to the colour red, and another to the colour blue. The process behind this selective response can be physiologically explained from the moment the light reaches the eye, to the response itself. Interestingly, neurons can respond with different intensities to a “preferred” stimulus depending on whether the stimulus is consciously attended to or not (Moran & Desim

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03-07-2015 00:46
Hey Don. I noticed that each reader at the sites I published my books to seems to be formatted differently as you said. D2D said that was common and not to worry. They also mentioned that I could get

01-07-2015 12:40
For those who care: Smashwords won't sell on Amazon until it gets $1000 in sales and then it's chancy. D2D is a better place.

28-06-2015 19:51
d2d publishes to just about everyone. it has become very popular with writers. I go with Amazon first because I think it may be helpful.

28-06-2015 11:52
@ Routh That's good to know

25-06-2015 20:11
I'll check again, however Smashwords is supposed to make your publishing life easier by pushing to Amazon and Kobo (Chapters/Indigo) at the same time.